Sunday, August 12, 2012

(3) Simple Goals

The family schedules only allowed for one trip this year.  With only Bronte and I making the trip we had (3) simple goals; finish the exterior trim and siding, cut the dead trees around the cabin and fly fish the Missouri with Bronte.

The weather for our trip this year was HOT.  The daily temperatures reached the mid 90's making planning your work schedule important.  It has been a dry year there also with only 7 inches of precipitation (snow or rain) for the year.

Saw horses in use again. The perfect work site.

A large dead Douglas Fir on our walk down to the stream.

The road to the cabin was in great shape (minus the new speed bumps). 

Jeep commercial - elevation 6,500 feet. 

A hazy view continental divide given the smoke from the fires to the SE.

A Montana light show.

Goal #1: Finish the Exterior.

Goal #2: Cut Down the Dead Trees.

Goal #3: Fly Fishing with Bronte.

It was a true joy to spend some quality time with my daughter Bronte in our little slice of heaven. 

With the cabin all buttoned up it was good bye until next year.